This Boy

by Erin K

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This Boy

I felt him under my brains
and then I tried to pick him up and then
I looked inside of his mouth and then
I though I might throw up

but I'm so in love with this boy
so in love with this boy

I thought that i
could talk to him
and maybe he would care

but then I ended up
pretending like
I wasn't even there

and still I'm so in love with this boy
so in love with this boy

and maybe if we went somewhere
maybe he would probably stare

at my beautiful dress coz I am cute
and nobody can deny that
I guess I'm a fox
that's how I scoot
nothing's really wrong with that

but so in love with a boy
so in love with this boy

I walk into the kitchen with two plastic cups
and one of them's for you

and I see you in the corner
with a smile on your face
and you're talking to loo oo oo oo oo oo oo

but I pretend I don't care
try not to stare
and quickly double my plastic cups

and open the fridge
and make a drink
and turn to some guy and say
what's up?

But he doesn't compare to that boy no
nothing compares to that boy

maybe if we took some time
maybe we would speak in rhymes
and he would say

i think you are hot and i would cough
cus that would make me really nervous
he wouldn't care and stroke my hair
and tell me that he's at my service

and i would be loved by this boy
perfectly loved by this boy

he doesn't even really see me
cus if he did he'd want to be with me

but i'm up for a fight i'm walking out
i didn't give up i'm just so active
places to go and people to see
i'm sorry if i seem distracted

but i'm in love with that boy
kind of in love with that boy

so i walk through the room
and i say goodnight to you
but just when i think it's all over
i feel his hand on my shoulder

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhh


released October 26, 2012
This track was written and recorded by Erin Kleh on her Macbook pro computer.



all rights reserved


Erin Kleh UK

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